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Valve Spring Removal Tool

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All LSM on Head Valve Spring Compressors have a tapered flange retainer housing that can fit springs as small as 0.800" up to 1.600". And they can easily and safely handle 1,000 pounds of seat pressure with our screw down method that will not spin back. Plus, you won't need an extra set of hands so you don't lose your keepers. No need to take off the pedestals - our compressors bolt right to the stands!

SC-100 Slotted aluminum base accommodates 5/16" bolts or studs with 3.20" - 3.60" for two outside bolt/stud Center Width spacing. (For wider spacing see the SC-150 below). If you have a center stud, the base has a clearance slot, but does not require a nut for mounting. Remove pair of rockers and bolt right to the stand and slide tool back and forth from intake to exhaust to compress.

Barton Hemi: Intake only with slight modification
Buick: Jesel
Small Block Chevy: Jesel, T&D, Crower
Chrysler Indy: 440-1 head with Jesel
Dodge W-8: Jesel
Dodge W-9: T&D
FE Ford: Jesel only